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This was a practical and relevant workshop that will help me right where I am in my work as an interpreter. I will definitely be incorporating these stretches and movements into my work day. It was fabulous and I learned so much.

I cannot wait to take another workshop through VTW! Joel was an incredibly well spoken and prepared presenter who not only knew what he was talking about, he also was able to explain and demonstrate on a level that was easy to grasp and recall. I absolutely loved the "Move Lab" segments when we were encouraged to get out of our chairs and practice what we were learning. Being able to immediately put into practice what we are learning I believe is incredibly pivotal to the retention of information....and hello, the stretches felt amazing! My body was incredibly relaxed and grateful for this workshop by the end. Thank you Joel for putting together this workshop as I have confidence I can carry these principles of "Posture & The Interpreters Cognitive and Functional Process" into my work and every day life. Well done!

This workshop was life changing for me. The self-analysis and science behind "the power posture pose" helped me tremendously in rediscovering tools to achieve physical/emotional balance. And a new daily exercise program! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us :)

This workshop was incredible! Very informative. I came away with practical strategies that I can use right away to help alleviate my pain. I also appreciated the segment about the psychology of posture. I will definitely be including more "power moves" into my day!

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All programs offered through our service are non-discriminatory and promote an environment of mutual respect and non-bias.

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