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Mondays are for Moving

So it's Monday and I find myself somewhere between 'I've got this' and 'who am I'. It's a feeling I've become familiar with all too well. Still feeling just a bit of the steam from last week as I finally found my groove and was able to get some things accomplished. Things that I had been wanting to move along for sometime. And then, the disconnect happens. The weekend came and went, and with the arrival of Monday, awakening that particular work energy that I had at the end of last week just doesn't want to come naturally for me. I'm not ready to create new ideas or implement business strategies. I just want to keep enjoying my family and the amazing Yucatan sun and sky. Maybe you can relate.... minus the Yucatan sun.

Movement is one of the most powerful tools we have to reestablish that connection. Think of your mind as a desk. Last week you had things on your mental desk-top that you were working on. Ideas, projects, goals, to-dos. Take a few days off and when you come back, bam!, things have been moved around, put in drawers. or knocked on the floor. In general, your mind's desk is a mess. It's right at this point that taking a few minutes to reset your mind and body with a quick movement routine can be just what you need to remember where things were and get started putting things back in order so that you can get your productivity groove back on. Physical movement is your bodies method to synchronize your nervous system. And that movement routine looks different for everyone. It could be a short walk outside, some active play with kids, a short dance, or simple stretch session. The key is not falling into the trap of starting your Monday sitting down for a long period of time. It's hard I know, and prolonging that cup of coffee seems like just what you need to get going. Make a deliberate effort to get up, get moving, and move consciously. You'll experience for yourself what it feels like to reconnect with who you are and what you were doing when you left off. .

Have a fixyoself kinda week!

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1 comentario

Finding this at the ideal time. Yes yes 🙌

Conscious intentional movement to start my slow moving day. (Although it did guide me here 😉). I love great metaphor: desk chaos is great!

Thank you

Me gusta
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